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Anouska Taylor

Anouska Taylor​

Anouska Taylor

Anouska Taylor is an experienced London-based voice teacher, Jungian coach and professional singer.  She has been training clients around the world for over a decade, coaching them to find the full potential of their unique voice.

Anouska offers transformational voice training, helping clients access their true authentic singing or speaking voice from the inside out – a voice that is naturally powerful, confident and expressive.  Her unique coaching method combines four key areas: voice physiology, vocal technique, paralinguistics & Jungian psychology.

She is a member of both the British Voice Association (BVA) and the Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS).

Articlesby Anouska Taylor

The Hidden Power of Your Voice

Our voice is our most powerful communication tool, something we instinctively learn as infants. In a physically powerless state, our voice is all we have to control and command the world around us.