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Aretha du Rand

Aretha du Rand

Aretha du Rand has spent most of her professional life working as a management consultant and project manager in one of the big four global professional services firms. After taking early retirement, Aretha is spending the second half of her life mostly on the things she previously had no time to fully explore. Having a Masters’ degree in literature coupled with her keen interest in self understanding brought her to Depth Psychology. For more than five years now she has been an avid student of Jung and finds Jung Platform to be an invaluable source of knowledge, insight and inspiration shared by some of the world’s greatest teachers.



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Keeping Appointments

According to Hollis our individuation process is indeed our calling, it is that which serves the soul, not the world around us. Discernment and the courage to risk will help us find the answers to the Big Question: What is wanting to express through me? What is wanting to enter the world through me?

Jungian Psychology and Phenomenology

A golden thread running through Robert Romanyshyn’s teaching, is that of wonderment. Of seeing, as if for the first time, the miracle in the mundane. Of being in a love affair with the world. Amongst others, he uses trees to illustrate how something as simple as sunlight filtering through branches and leaves, or being absolutely quiet to hear the whispering of trees, can be an impetus to being soulfully in the world.