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Janet Martha

Janet Martha

Janet is a member of the course development team. She’s been involved with the work of Carl Jung for 40 years and has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Analytic Psychotherapy from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in affiliation with the Institut de Psicología Analítica C.G. Jung. She also has experience with a wide range of depth psychology modalities, including gestalt therapy, integral, humanistic and transpersonal approaches.

She’s offered expressive therapy workshops to people with severe mental disorders and support groups to their family members. She loves the plastic and performing arts and believes that beauty and truth are waiting in each one of us to come through.Her interests include hiking, haiku, philosophy, Tin Tin and Cuttlas, the I Ching, dreamwork and symbols.

Articlesby Janet Martha

Tension & Creativity in Astrology

This blog article is part of a series on Astrology by Janet Martha. Read more here & here.  Liberal or conservative, we are all snowflakes. We’re snowflakes in that no…

The Sun, the Moon and Who You Are

In astrology the Sun and the Moon are considered the most personal planets. How do I shine in the world? How do I dare to feel and show my power? These are the themes of the Sun in astrology. How can I feel safe in the world? How can I nourish myself and connect to other people? Life themes like these are reflected in the Moon.

Jung, Astrology and the Structure of the Psyche

Each one of us is a completely unique mix of characteristics and conflicts, wounds and abilities. Many of those traits and tensions are opaque and slippery. Carl Jung found that consulting a patient’s astrological birth chart helped him see exactly which tensions were at play and what larger archetypal forces were coloring them.