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Tracey Ormerod

Tracey Ormerod

Tracey Ormerod

Tracey is a Canadian writer and teacher, with degrees in English literature and education, and a Master’s degree in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire (UK).

She has worked in financial services, e-commerce, public education and community college, teaching in the classroom and online. As different as these businesses seem on the surface, Tracey could always see a common thread: the significance of symbol and story.

A life-long student of Jung’s writings, she’s fascinated by the way myth and symbol shape how we see the world, other people, and ourselves, and how we shape our own personal myths and symbols.

Story, place, and the alchemy of the in-between are at the heart of Tracey’s creative projects, together with readings in spiritual ecology, depth psychology, philosophy, and the magic of myth and legend.

Articlesby Tracey Ormerod

Psychotherapy: Learn What to Expect

When things feel so dark, it’s hard to see our way out from under it all. It’s one thing to know the dangers of getting stuck in that sort of thinking, but it’s quite another to move through it into a transformed state of consciousness, where meaning can be found. Such a journey is a tall order and one that we may not be able to take on our own.