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Victoria Rabinowe

Victoria Rabinowe

Victoria Rabinowe

Victoria Rabinowe believes that dreams are the portal to the source of creativity. She is an international DreamingArts teacher, author, and multi-media artist. Since 1995, Victoria Rabinowe has led over one thousand dream groups, workshops, seminars and retreats at her DreamingArts Studio in Santa Fe and across four continents for international conferences, universities, museums, writing schools and art academies. She launches emerging dream groups and facilitates established dream groups. She coaches professionals as well as peer group organizers in dream group leadership training. She is the author of I Had The Craziest Dream Last Night: Creative Explorations into the Genius of the Night Mind and the forthcoming Conversations with Psyche: Creative Dream Journal Techniques to Decipher the Mysterious Language of the Night Mind.

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Creating Art out of Your Dreams

Your dream journal can help you to heal your relationships with your families, your community, your world and your Self. It can guide you to see the mythic dimensions of your life and show you that your stories are vastly larger than you ever thought.’ How does the simple act of recording & engaging with your dreams through writing, help tap into the immense wisdom and creative power that your nighttime visions hold?

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